Double Dutch Dolls Book #3- “Double Time”


Product Description

Brand: Double Dutch Dolls

Print Length: 144 pages

Cover: Paperback

ISBN: 0692308601

Language: English

Recommended: Ages 10+

Giftwrapping: Available

Retail: $8.95

Kaila Bradley can’t take any more bad news. Sascha’s been her BFF since Ms. Hazel’s first grade class and now Sascha is leaving Stylesboro. Not only is Kaila losing her best friend but also the Stingray cheerleaders are losing one of their own. The squad is more than a team, they’re like sisters. At least that’s what they thought until Trinity stabs them in the back. Now, all the cheerleaders are on the chopping block.


Watching the cheerleaders’ fall apart, Zaria and Alainna joke about the drama. But, it’s no laughing matter when they also get caught up in the fighting and choosing sides puts their friendship to the ultimate test. All of the he-said-she-said and finger pointing leads to a major accident with all fingers now pointing to Kaila. Will the cheerleaders turn their backs on her? Will Sascha be able to say goodbye? Will Zaria’s jealousy be the end of she and Alainna’s friendship? It’s a disaster of epic proportion. Can the Double Dutch Dolls work Double Time to fix this mess?

 Find out in “Double Time”, the third book in the new Double Dutch Dolls Series. Recommended for readers age 10 and up.


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