The New Girl

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The New Girl

It was another lonely school day for Jasmine, as she sat at the front of the class trying to concentrate on the math problems Miss Price was writing on the board. She ran her fingers through her thick naturally curly hair and twisted one of the strands between her fingers. Her mind began to wander as she thought about where to sit in the cafeteria for lunch and what came after lunch- Gym. She hated Gym.

Ever since her parents moved to this area 4 months ago she’d felt like an outcast. Her mom’s new job moved them from Chicago to the Boston suburbs right in the middle of her 6th grade year. She cried for weeks but her parents promised her it was the best thing for she and her older brother Ty. So far, Ty seemed to be adjusting just fine. He quickly made new friends in Middle school, joined the basketball team, and was always spending time with Eric and Michael. Even her parents had adapted to their new life with new jobs and new friends. But, Jasmine was miserable and no one in her family seemed to notice. In her old Elementary school she had lots of friends, but here at Newton Middle school, she struggled to make one. The other girls weren’t particularly nasty to her but they gave her strange looks and she heard the whispers as they tried to decide if she fit in.

Jasmine didn’t understand. She didn’t think she was different. She watched all the same shows, wore all the same clothes, and even had the same complaints about her parents’ unfair rules on TV, boys, and makeup. But, there was one small difference between her and the other girls and it became a big deal during Gym. During class she felt part of the group and really enjoyed tennis and soccer but then the fun would end and she’d have to face the showers. Her old school didn’t require showers after gym, but this was Newton and everything in Newton was different.

Jasmine, sighed remembering the first time she jumped in the shower after gym thinking nothing of it but when her classmates started asking questions she realized how different she was from these girls. She’d found an excuse every week since to hang back from the class until she could shower alone in peace. Questions like, “why do you wear that cap on your head in the shower?” “Why don’t you wash your hair everyday like everyone else? What kind of comb is that and what’s it for?” made her realize the differences between her and these girls.

Jasmine had always been proud of her African American roots, but she didn’t want to answer the questions that came with being different at her new school. Secretly she was worried that if she did answer all the questions they wouldn’t like what they heard and then they would have ammunition to use against her. With all of these thoughts running through her head she didn’t notice a knock on the classroom door.

The door opened and Jasmine looked up and into the dark eyes of the most beautiful girl she’d ever seen. The new girl walked confidently next to the Principal and gazed into the eyes of every student in the classroom; her long, velvet black hair cascading like a waterfall down her back. The girl was wrapped lightly in shimmering deep burgundy silk trimmed in teal and gold stripes and accented with delicate gold embroidery.  The fabric sparkled as she moved catching the light of the sun shining in the classroom window.

The most noticeable thing about her though was her bright, beautiful, smile. It lit up her eyes, which Jasmine noticed held a slight hint of mischief. Jasmine smiled to herself. She liked the new girl instantly.

Stopping at the front of the classroom, the new girl stood at the front of the room with her shoulders back and head held high as she understood she’d made quite an impression on the entire class. Everyone in the room, stopped and stared in awe at the elegant beauty before them.

After talking with the Principal for a brief moment, Miss Price broke the silence. “Class, this is Amisha, today is her first day here at Newton Middle school, please make her feel welcome. Amisha, please choose a partner to help you settle in during your first week here.”

With a confident smile, Amisha scanned the room and pointed directly at Jasmine.  Jasmine smiled back, excited that Amisha had chosen her. But, her excitement was short-lived as she heard the other girls in the class begin whispering to each other under their breath. Jasmine dropped her eyes into her lap as Amisha slid into the seat next to hers.

Almost immediately, Kelly tapped Amisha’s  shoulder. “Why are you sitting with HER?”

Jasmine sighed. She had been trying to avoid the attention of Kelly and the other girls and Amisha most definitely attracted it. With her beauty and confidence, she was sure to become one of the most popular girls in school.

Amisha continued to smile sweetly and replied just loud enough for the other girls to hear. “She looks interesting and I’d like to learn more about her.  I’ve seen hundreds of bullies like you before. There’s nothing new to learn.”

Turning back to Jasmine, Amisha winked as Kelly sat quite speechless, “I think,” Amisha said, reaching for Jasmine’s hand, “You and I are going to be great friends.”

Jasmine nodded and broke into a wide smile. She couldn’t wait to see what would happen next…


Amisha is a doll, a Double Dutch Doll. Double Dutch Dolls have three things in common: brains, beauty and bravery. They may not know everything but when faced with a new challenge they never hesitate to tackle it head on because they love to learn new things and know it’s cool to be smart. They are beautiful inside and out. They know beauty comes in all sizes, shapes and colors. They embrace language and culture, have their own sense of style, and always leave people wondering, “wow”, who was that girl! They are brave and never hesitate to stand up for what’s right. They are always willing to lend a helping hand to someone in need. They stand up to bullies and never put other’s down because of their differences. They know the world is a more beautiful place because each of us brings something different to it.

It’s not always easy to be a doll, but it’s always cool.

Double Dutch Dolls

So Cool, so Cute, so You!!

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