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Double Dutch Dolls

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Double Dutch Dolls

Double Dutch Dolls is a line of multi-cultural dolls, books, and accessories for girls ages 8 and up.

Double Dutch Dolls are African-American, Hispanic, Biracial and Multiracial. They represent every girl.

Their stories bring to life the experiences, drama and fun of today’s tween/teen girl. Which Double Dutch Doll are you?

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Double Dutch Twins

Navigating the halls of middle school can be tricky. But, 14-year old identical twins Kaila and Zaria Bradley, known to everyone as the Double Dutch Dolls, seem to have it all figured out. At least until they overhear their archenemy Trinity say, “Kaila’s only good for looks and Zaria’s only good for books”.

Now the girls feel they have something to prove and attempt to pull off the greatest Double Dare of all-time, secretly trading places. It may be the oldest twin trick in the book but the Double Dutch Dolls plan to do it in style.

Can Fashionista Kaila transform herself into a star student? Can Classic, Cool Zaria trade in her soccer cleats for designer fashion? Or, will competition permanently tear the twins apart?

Identical twins Kaila and Zaria are also available in 18” Fashion dolls. With these African-American dolls, based on the book characters bring home even more fashion and fun. Coming soon, Hispanic dolls, Biracial dolls, and Multiracial dolls based on Alainna, Trinity, Sascha, and Kadence.

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